May – June 2017


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Newcomers’ Guide

Dropping anchor in Fairfield? Good choice! Read on for insider tips, neighborhood traditions and places to go as you settle in and enjoy the beauty, diversity and character of your new hometown.

Fighting Back

When James Naughton lost his wife, Pamela, to pancreatic cancer, finding a treatment became both personal mission and community imperative

Brewing Success

As the national thirst for Spiked Seltzer spreads two local guys make it to the beverage big time


Editor’s Letter

Status Report
Buzz: Dan Zelson of Bedford Square, a new shopping/dining/residential project; Saltwater; Gells Belts; No. 299; aerial yoga; Cadillac CT6; Land Rover moves into Fairfield
Home: Harmonizing color and neutrals
Do: Barre; health
Eat: Bloodroot Restaurant
Go: Ocean House Collection

People & Places


Enid Hatton


Index of Advertisers

Final Notes
Events Around Town




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